Miller Mustangs

First Grade News

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This week in:

Writing: We will identify, understand, and use transitional words and pronouns.

Phonics: Use letter-sound patterns to spell open syllables (crash, note) and closed syllables (hate, mute).

Reading: We will identify the topic and explain the author’s purpose.

Math: We will use relationships to determine the number that is 10 more or 10 less than a number. We will generate and solve a problem when given an addition sentence.

Science: We will demonstrate the ways objects can move and sort them according to how they move.

Social Studies: We will identify and explain examples of people wanting more than they can have and the choices they make.

Important Upcoming Dates

October 27-28th- Parent/Teacher Conference

October 31st- Storybook Parade ( see flyer)

November 2nd- Storybook Theatre Field Trip

A Note from the Teacher:

  • Please check your child's folder daily. ( especially on Tuesdays)
  • Make sure your child completes his or her homework for the week.
  • Background Checks

    This year, we have gone paperless for the background checks. If you are wanting to go on field trips or volunteer at school, you must fill out this application. We will be notified when the application has been processed. It should only take a couple of days. See the Campus Volunteers link above.

  • myOn

    Your child has access to thousands of digital books that meet their interests and are at the appropriate reading level to grow as readers and learners. They can read offline using free mobile apps for iPad, Android, Chrome and Kindle Fire HD. To get started reading now you should do the following:

    Judy Miller ES: students: Istation login numbersLogin -

Thank you for your snack donations!

I also want to say thank you for all the birthday cards, gifts and well wishes!