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March 11 - 15

The Great Chesterfield Read

Click here for details. Students will be voting in March.

International Night

Our school PTA is putting on International Night April 26th 6-8pm. We would like to know if you and your family would like to host a table that night and share with the Grange Hall Community a little bit about your culture and heritage. Families will tour the world in one night and fill their passports with stamps from each country table exhibit. We want to invite you to be a part of this fun and interactive adventure!

We would have a table set up for you and your family. You can bring any clothes, pictures, books, or anything else that would help the children learn a little more about you and the country you came from. Also, we would like to have an activity for each child to do when they come to your table. Some ideas would be tasting a food, coloring a picture, making a craft, taking pictures in authentic clothing, or bringing a native pet.

If this is something that you would like to help us please reach out to Lindsey Miller PTA Programs through email at .

GHES Running Club...sign up today!

2018-2019 Yearbooks

Order your GHES 2018-2019 Yearbook now.!!

Sale prices increase March 15th, so order early for the best price. Once the sale window closes around April, 2019, we cannot guarantee there will be extras so if you would like one for your child, please order soon.

To order click the order button below and enter GHES's code,13786, or you can search by school name.

K-1 Gifted Referral Window

If you are interested in referring your (K-1) child for gifted screening, please contact Mrs. Jones for a referral form. All referral forms are due by March 15.

Dates to Remember

*March Into Resource Month*

March 15 - PTA Mother/Son Night

March 19 - PTA mtg - 6 pm & First grade program - 7 pm

March 20 - 21 - History Lives (grades 2 & 3)

March 26 - B.O.B. Competition @GHES

March 28 - APEX Fun Run @ GHES

March 29 - Early Release Day

April 1 - 5 - Spring Break

April 11 - Kindergarten Registration

April 18 - Field Day

April 19 - Student and Staff Holiday

April 22 - Little Feet Meet

April 26 - International Night - 6pm

May 2 - GHES PTA mtg. - 6pm

Updated March Into Resource Calendar

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Big picture

Bulldog P.R.I.D.E.

Bulldog P.R.I.D.E. stands for:

P - Politeness

R - Respect

I - Integrity

D - Discipline

E - Effort

Our students earn "PAWS" for demonstrating Bulldog PRIDE and when a class earns 25 paws they earn a "Golden Bulldog." Our school-wide expectations are reinforced through daily morning meetings, monthly PRIDE pow-wows, and quarterly Bulldog P.R.I.D.E. assemblies. We encourage all parents to review these expectations at home and discuss ways that students can connect these expectations to their responsibilities at home and within our community.


Together We: Learn, Grow, Lead

Every Kid, Every Day!

Be Kind. Be Positive. Be Awesome.