Absorbence lab

By Calvin Skon

Lab set up

First you need about 6-7 Graduated cylinder. Next you need to Put some food coloring in a cup of water make sure you make a lot. You can only do this once. Next you have to make a 10% ,20%, 30%,40%,50% ect. solution By putting 10 mL than filling it up to 100 mL line. After you're done with that you put some of the solution into the square contained then you put it into the colorimeter that sends light through the solutions to give you the data..

What does this mean

Anastasia that they put in you to make you go to sleep when you have to get surgery. Doctors and nurses have to use just enough Anastasia to make sure that if you have a surgery you can wake up and also that you don't wake up in the middle of the surgery. They use absorbence so that the your nerves can wake up after the surgery and so you don't wake up in the middle either. if they put too much in your body you may not wake up like aunt Betty. She did not survive because the doctors put more than 40% absorbance in her. But don't worry doctors usually don't make these kinds of mistakes during surgery, they have gotten it down to a mastery.
Big image


The picture above is that data we collected from our experiment. The more mL of water dye to the water is the percent composition. The line is going up so the Percentage of the water dye is increasing rapidly. This graph shows absorbance meaning the percentage is correct if Betty's absorance was closer to the like then she would have survived. but since it was too much she didnt wake up and in turn died. Betty died.

Making percent solution

To make a percent solution there is 100 mL cylinder so to make 10% solution you put 10 mL then you fill it up to the 100mL with water. and 20% 20 mL then fill it up to 100mL. and so on.