Zoning Schedule

For Opening Associates

Openers, please follow the schedule and spend 1 hour zoning designated area.

When zoning; first clear all "Go-backs" if there were any left from close, then start your zoning. When zoning, keep in mind:

- When deciding where in your area to zone; use your best judgment as to which area needs the most work. If the area is two days long, the goal is for the whole section to be completely zoned by Day 2.

- All merchandise is neatly displayed and easily shop-able for our customers

- All racks and/or tables are aligned

- Tables are neatly folded and all clothing on racks are neatly hanged

- Check underneath tables/rounders for clothing, hangers, etc.

Thank you for keeping our store neat and brand! You all ROCK!

Monday-- Accessories/Handbags

Tuesday-- Women's **Help Truck if needed**

Wednesday-- Women's

Thursday--Shoes**Help Truck if needed**

Friday-- Shoes