By: Leia Milton Hour 7

General Statistics

*One person in the United States commits suicide roughly every 14 minutes.

*The suicide rate in Minnesota is among the lowest with a percentage of 11.4%.

*It is the second main cause of death for students in college.

*It's a myth that a suicide is inevitable.

*Suicide remains the most preventable cause of death.

Suicide in the Media

*Before Steve Rogers became Captain America, He was willing to die for his group of soldiers by throwing himself on top of the grenade. While it could be argued that this was both a fake grenade and an action of nobility, it could still be classified as suicide. - Captain America

*The following is an entire newspaper article on suicide:


1. Physicians, therapists, psychiatrists and professionals have gained greater understanding of suicide. Therefore, they can help individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts with different approaches.
2. The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention helps teens learn about suicide. The more people who understand it, the more likely it is that we can prevent it.

Immediate Risk Factors

1. A life is lost.

2. It leaves others in shock or emotional pain.

3. Others try to take the blame for it, but they need to realize that it was not their fault.

Long Term Risk Factors

1. A person will mourn the loss of a dear friend or family member for years to come.

2. Someone might think that since that one person did it to escape, it would be acceptable for them too.

3. The suicide of a loved one may cause depression in others.

Interpersonal Communication

If someone is feeling suicidal, there are multiple people who he/she could talk to. There are parents, brothers, sisters, other family members, friends, and psychiatrists. All you would have to do is tell them how you are feeling. They care for you, and they will stay by you through this tough time. They CAN help.

Local Source

Local Source: Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention

Located at: 12 Civic Center Plaza Mankato

Phone Number: (507)-387-5020


Yes, this may seem like a strange thing to add at the end of a flyer. However, I need to have a sense of closure. I chose this topic because I've been through this before. No matter what you think, there are people out there who care for you. I would like to dedicate this article to anyone who has ever had a suicidal thought to know that they are not alone. Also, to the friend that saved my life. Finally, above everyone else, I would like to dedicate this to my art buddy in sixth grade, William Wild.