Happy Friday!

Spring is finally here (I think!)

Welcome to our newest team members!

...in no particular order, Pegeen Fernandez from Brooklyn (who I'm honored to have sponsored!), Rachel Kashner, sponsored by Jennifer Sutton, and Jacqueline Vere, sponsored by brand new Stylist herself, Megan Duffy, who all joined in March!

Great decision ladies! And Welcome to the Team. We're so happy to have you!

(Carla (our fearless leader and my fab sister-in-law) joked about having a BadaBling cowbell to ring every time there was something to celebrate!)

If you're on Facebook, make sure you're sponsor has added you to our Hudson Blings Facebook Page and to the main BadaBlings Facebook Team Page where you can "meet" other stylists in this vast and fabulous team of amazing women, pick up tips and share stories and ideas, and get the latest news from the team and the Home Office, and answers to any burning questions you just can't find anywhere else.

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Mid Month Temperature - HOT!

Bags are HOT just now! Trunk Show sales so far are *DOUBLE* in most cases!

Sample period ends next Friday 8.59pm ET (11.59pm PT), so make sure your 50% off order is in before then! You snooze, you lose!!

This team is ROCKING it OUT this month with Trunk Show bookings! I'm in awe!

So far (I say so far, because I for one am not done booking, and I know that you'll be booking more trunk shows AT these trunk shows and some might still be in April) but SO far this month, our "little" team has 30 (!) Trunk Shows booked - and guess what - that's only from 1/4 of our Team !!!

Just imagine, if you don't have a Trunk Show currently booked for April, what that could do to our collective sales, and your pocket, for this month?!?

Not to mention *for every $500 in sales you have this month, you'll be entered into a drawing for a Pouf* from me. At this rate, I'm going to be doing 2 drawings.

Keep booking! And make sure that when you book a trunk show, you book it in the Lounge and follow the new step-by-step guide to hostess coaching in My Trunk Shows. You can't go wrong.

Booking a Trunk Show is as easy as...

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Team Excitement!

After yesterday's Build It Big training with Danielle Redner, your Leaders are pumped and ready to book more, sell more, sponsor more, and COACH you to success. So watch out for an email, text or phone call from your Upline or 2nd Upline offering you a tailored coaching call to move the needle on your business - IF you want to move the needle on your business! If you don't, if you're satisfied with where it is, or now's not the time, that's absolutely fine. But know that we are here to help you, reinvigorated and with new tools and training to take our team to the next level.

April could see some Stylist Promotions too!

Some of you are ready to sponsor for the first time, which means a promotion to Lead Stylist as soon as your New Stylist starts selling!!
And I can see potential for at least a couple of promotions to Senior Stylist, and one lovely lady hopefully promoting to STAR Stylist by the end of the month (let's cheer on Krystal Riebesell & her team!), which probably also means a promotion for her fabulous sponsor, Jennifer Sutton and her team to Associate Director!!! GO Jenn!!!

We are cheering you all on this month - it's always a team effort and Team pride!

And FINALLY - DO consider coming to Hoopla! in July. Not only is it fun, but it's seriously the BEST training you can get from the company...regardless of the fact that's in Vegas, with around 1500+ women who also love Stella & Dot (and none of us have drunk any Kool Aid!), and love to party & have a good time - the training is (sorry for the expression) SERIOUSLY AWESOME and second to none. Next to signing up and whatever you regard as the best thing you've done in your life, this will rank next ;)

Just think about it!

Enjoy the warmer weather, and take your new bags for a walk!

HAPPY SPRING! And have a fab weekend!

Emma XO

Emma Greengrass, Associate Director & Personal Stylist, Stella & Dot