Dragged through the Earth

Breaking News

We have just received info on a kidnapping that has taken place in a flowering meadow. An eyewitness claims that a crack appeared in the Earth and a masked figure grabbed her and dragged her down with him.

The eyewittness Helios quotes"I watched the whole thing ,but I decided to focus on my job of moving the sun."

Zeus negotiates

Demeters pleas

After confirming where Persephone was she went to Zeus and ordered him to bring Persephone back. Zeus agreed on his quote that "must not have eaten any underworld food." Zeus then sent Hermes to pick up Persephone. Hermes quotes"I really didn't care and only fetched her because it's my job."Hades knew if she ate anything she would return to him. When Hermes came to pick up Persephone Hades let her,but gave her 4 parmagranite seeds and said"for your journey." Persephone ate them and said thank you.

The Comprmise

When Demeter discovered that Persephone had eaten the seeds she screamed. Zeus decided to compromise. He said that Persephone would live with Hades for 4 months and with Demeter she would spend 8 months. When we asked Zeus why he compromised he quoted "no comment."