Jing Review #1

Autism Community

This website levels the playing field for all students to join the classroom

As stated in the document called " Issues in Digital Technology in Education/Assistive Technology in Education: A Critical analysis of the “Highs” and the “Lows”

"Assistive Technology certainly does not claim to remedy every disability, it is simply another tool that is implemented to help a user with a learning disability accomplish a task with a degree of independence (Hopkins, 2004).” Essential this would mean that a teacher could see that student with disabilities is having weaknesses in the area of one subject, research a solution on this website, and refer the student to the solution or integrate it in the classroom so that they may succeed. Many times teachers are really unaware of this technology, but this website is a great platform for searching for reliable resources.

The information that gets everyone involved and find answers

As stated in the reading, " Taking the time to find the appropriate tools that work for an individual can provide great success and not providing these tools would serve against our greater educational goals of equality and fairness (Watts, O’Brian & Wojcik, 2004)." The resources available on the website not only give resources, but help parents find answers and support. Many times students parents want to help their student, but don't know how. The option of constant research available on this website and community based forums could assist a parent to find answers. They maybe having problems in which they can't the answer to and a forum may help them get their.

Jing review 1