French Film Series Spring 2016

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A Reflection on Beauty

“It is foolish to wish for beauty. Sensible people never either desire it for themselves or care about it in others. If the mind be but well cultivated, and the heart well disposed, no one ever cares for the exterior.”
Anne Brontë, Agnes Grey

Let's explore this semester the theme of Beauty with three excellent movies. Belle de Jour, Comme une Image(Look at me) and Cyrano de Bergerac present the notion of Beauty in their own world. Too often, in the Western Hemisphere we attach too much importance to external Beauty. The movies will address the angst of being too "beautiful" or too "ugly".

COMME UNE IMAGE (Look at me) by Agnès Jaoui, France 2004

Tuesday, March 22nd, 5pm

UT Hodges Library, Lindsey Auditorium

Talented 20-year-old Lolita (Marilou Berry) dreams of a singing career. But her self-esteem is low due to her weight problem and her narcissistic father, Étienne (Jean-Pierre Bacri), a literary star with scant interest in his daughter's life. Lolita finds little comfort in the attentions of her vocal coach, suspecting the woman is using her to meet her influential father. Étienne's second wife proves to be Lolita's only trustworthy ally in her private battle to find a sense of worth.

* In French with English subtitles

Look at Me a.k.a. Comme une image (2004) _ Movie Trailer