How Our Brains Work;

The Ways We Wake Wudgements

How We Judge Others

When we meet a new person we instantly begin to judge their character and competence. At first we do this based on stereotypes and mental shortcuts. Most of these quick judgements we make are usually wrong. Almost every classification of people has a stereotype that goes with them.

Types of Judgements

A type of judgement that most people make are emotional judgements. You can tell one is made when a person takes a small inconvenience, or a flaw in another persons attitude, and exaggerates it. This usually involves victimizing themselves and making it seem like the "worst possible thing". The other type that I am going to talk about is the complete opposite of this. This type of judgement is considered an intellectual judgement. When someone makes an intellectual judgement, they do it for the same reason. Rather than exaggerating the problem, they instead think about it and make a logical response and solution. The difference is as simple as, "This was horrible, I'm going to talk to the manager." and, "That wasn't too good, let's do something else."

We Always Make Judgements

It doesn't matter how we perceive our own words, almost everything we say is a judgement. There are many different parts to our personality. Two of which are the ego and the observer. The ego is more primarily used. When a though comes to mind such as, "What a nice song!" That is the ego making judgements. Thinking like the observer would be like thinking, "A song." As long as you don't label something with an adjective, you're being the observer. This is the only time you are not making judgements.