Flora & Ulysses By Kate Dicamillo

By Marisa Spadaro Block 4

An amazing book

This is a good book because it keeps you interested and eager to know what is going to happen next.

Flora and Ulysses

These are the main characters in the book Flora Ulysses and Floras dad

These are the main characters in the book.

A interesting book


In the beginning Tootsie is the aunt of William. Tootsie is vacuuming up the leaves outside. By accented she vacuums up Ulysses the squirrel. Ulysses has ben injured so many times that once Flora hears screaming that she comes out and helps get the squirrel out of the vacuum that he has supper powers. Flora takes the squirrel home and her mom hates Ulysses and does every thing she can to get rid of him. Eventually she tells Floras dad to get rid of it by killing it. floras dad ends up not doing it. Floras mom gets so mad that she does it herself. Ulysses learns one of his powers is flying so he fly's away into a doctors apartment and The Doctor calls floras dad. Ulysses is know saved because flora goes to the doctors house and sees Ulysses. In the end Ulysses is Saved! Floras mom tells flora the only reason she tried to kill him was so things would go back to the way they were.