Environmental Sustianability

About Coco-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. Globally, they are the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices and juice drinks.


  • Safely return to communities and nature the equivalent amount of water used in their finished beverages.
  • Improve water efficiency in manufacturing operations by 25% compared with a 2010 baseline.
  • Work with their partners to recover and recycle the equivalent of 75% of the bottles and cans they introduce into developed markets.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the "drink in your hand" by 25%.
  • Sustainably source our key agricultural ingredients.
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Efforts to Meet Their Goals:

  • In 2014, they used an average of 2.03 liters of water for each liter of product produced a 10% improvement since 2010—moving them toward their 2020 goal to use 1.7 liters of water per liter of product produced.

  • Coca-Cola balanced an estimated 94% of the equivalent amount of water used in their finished beverages (based on 2014 sales volume).
  • They estimate a 61% recovery rate in developed markets currently.
  • Draft reduction targets have been set through 2020 by business units.
  • Coke developed a new seven-step Supplier Engagement Program, which outlines various pathways to achieve compliance with their Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles, and convened 14 workshops in eight different regions in the world.

By the Numbers:

  1. 35 billion+ PlantBottle Packages have reached the market in nearly in nearly 0 countries. As a result, in July of 2015, 743,000 barrels of oil have been saved.
  2. Coca-Cola placed 6,900+ recycling bins at the Fifa World Cup and collected ~450 tons of solid waste.
  3. 5.6 million energy-management devices have been installed on their refrigerator equipment saving ~3.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Environmental Concerns:

Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund are jointly working on sustainability goals for the Coca-Cola system-the company and its nearly 250 bottling partners in more than 200 countries. These goals include sustainability sourcing key agricultural ingredients, helping to ensure healthy, resilient freshwater systems.

Cool Facts:

  • In 1985, Coca-Cola became the first drink ever in space.
  • If all the Cola-Cola bottles in the world were laid end to end they would reach the moon and back more than 1,677 times.
  • In 1991, Coca-Cola launched the first drinks bottle containing recycled materials.