Digital Citizenship Project

Taya B., Period 6

Rule #1 Digital Etiquette

Be Nice: don't say mean things online. Treat others online like how you wanna be treated back just like in real life. Remember that you are talking to real people and think about how they would feel if you were being mean to them.

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Be Careful: Always check over what your doing before you actually do it. If you're about to download or putting all your information like phone numbers, and emails always ask your parent to make sure it's safe. There can be hidden things inside like viruses.

Rule # 3 Social Networking

Be Safe: Always be safe of what your doing online. Never tell people your email, where you live, or your phone number. Don't even trust friends and don't give them all your information. You may know someone online but not in real life so don't tell them information.

Rule # 4 Online safety

Keep Things Safe Make sure to keep your information a secret that only you and your family know. Don't post pictures of yourself then people will know what you look like and don't say where you live. Your username on a website should never be your name make something up.

Rule # 5 Cyberbullying

Don't be Mean: you should never be mean to people. If you post something mean about someone online you can never take it back. You could really hurt someones feeling if your a bully.

Rule # 6 Plagiarism

Dont steal someone else's work: Don't copy someone else's work if its writing on the computer or a painting. If your doing it for a school project you will get an F because you are stealing someone else's work.

Rule # 7 Copyright

Give credit to the owner: If you get a song from someone remember to ask permission to use it on something like a video. You must give credit to them by maybe saying who its by in your video.