Anne Frank


Anne Frank was a Jewish girl that moved from Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands. And was 15 years old when she died. Anne was not a normal girl she was a different girl in her family. Anne turned out to be a smart, outgoing girl, and a girl with lots of dreams. Anne's favorite activity was to write in her journals that she called her friend. Anne was 15 when she was found in the Annex. She was token to a camp were she died. Anne biggest dream was to be a writer and to visit Paris.

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I chose the diary to represent Anne. The diary was a gift from her father at her 13th birthday. Anne always wrote in her diary. Anne told her diary and the world what she did during the day and about World War 2 and her bad dreams. Anne also described her days in Annex. Anne called her diary friend and sometimes Kitty. When Anne was found by the green police her diary was left behind. Then it was found by Miep ,the person who helped them hide, and got them the place that is called the Annex. Anne's dream was to be a writer. When Miep found the diary, she kept the diary and she did not read the diary. Her dad read the diary first. Anne's diary was published so many languages in the world could read it.
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I also chose a duck to represent Anne. Anne was named Mrs. Quack Quack by Peter. "Some people say that we look alike. But Tom had the most beautiful whiskers, and I have only a little fuzz. I am hoping. . . in time. . . And Peter said, " All right, Mrs. Quack Quack! (383). Anne was different from her parents. She is outgoing girl that loves to talk a lot. Anne is not a typical of girls during her time period. If Anne is not reserved towards people.
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Courage keep you stronge.

In the a Dairy of Anne Frank, courage helps them move along the bad and good days in the Annex. They were singing the Hanukkah sound when all of a sudden they hear a noise. Mr. Frank goes down stairs to check. Mr. Frank says " It was a thief. That noise must have scared him away" (406). They had courage that the thief was not going to be caught and would tell the green police. Anne was courage for back talking to her mother and other people in the Annex. An example is when Mr. Van Daan said " why aren't you nice and quiet like your sister. A man likes a girl who'll listen to him once In a while ... a domestic girl." Anne said "I'd cut my throat first! I'd open my veins! I'm going to be remarkable! I'm going to Paris... (387).

Hope gets you though bad times.

In the Dairy of Anne Frank, had hope of staying alive not going to a camp. Anne hopes that Peter will fall in love with her. Anne says " How is that? How does it look?" Margot said "Fine". Anne asked "Margot, tell me, am I terribly ugly?" Margot said" Of course you're not. You've got nice eyes . . . And lot of animation, and . . . (419). Anne on dream and hope was to be a writer and to go to Paris. Anne says " If you should find this diary, will you please keep it safe for me, because someday I hope . . . (433). Anne lived with barely any food, she would go to bed with a growling stomach that won't let her sleep. Anne hope was that World War 2 would end when the invasion begins. Anne believe that there was still good in all people.