Capitalism is the most beneficial system to use!

What is Capitalism?

A political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather then state.

What Capitalism is Fundamentally based around.

-Property and work should be private owned by individuals and directed towards the benefits of the owner.

-Based on individual rights

-Free Market

-Self Interest(Pursue what interests you the most).

Benefits of Capitalism

-What you buy is yours, you actually own it not the government.Your home,car,business, and etc is owned by you.


-Free Market

-The harder you work the more rewarding life can be for you.

-Competition creates more productivity in work place

Reason's you should join a Capitalism Society Today!

Capitalism is all about freedom and letting you make your own fate. The best part of Capitalism is everything you buy is your and is no one else's. It also promotes the idea the harder you work the more rewarding life can be for you(More money). Now go join a capitalism society today and go peruse your own interests.