Gingko Newsletter

Week of May 2, 2016

Hello Gingko Families!

Welcome back!

This week we...

Were so excited to be back together again after break! It was so great to hear about how our friends spent the break and celebrate big and small moments together.

Painted our new self portraits! We used watercolors and worked carefully to create a color that was close to our own skin color. We looked carefully at our eyes and hair before painting them as well.

Did some observational drawing and painting of plants with Studio Sara.

Wrote stories about our spring break. We worked on adding details to our stories, and making sure our words matched what we drew in our pictures. We wrote part of our story on Monday, and then continued working on them on Tuesday. We worked hard on these pieces and were so proud of our work.

Continued working in small reading groups. This week we worked with new reading groups. Some kids worked with new teachers, while some kids spent time reading "just right" books on their own.

Learned a song and a finger play in music about flower growing. We also used scarves to make it come to life!

A little seed for me to sow,

A little soil to make it grow.

A little sun, a little shower, a little wait, and then a flower.

Opened a new woodworking center during exploration. We will start by using wood glue and interesting wooden tiles and shapes. Kids will work in pairs to plan and create sculptures! Once we become comfortable with these materials, we will begin to learn about using tools!

Welcomed Gigi to our classroom! She will be spending time in the Gingko room supporting us throughout the day. The kids were so excited to welcome a new grown up to our community and have worked hard to make her feel welcome and comfortable in our classroom.

Looked at artwork and spent time talking about it together.

Thank you!

Thank you for the treats and kind words for teacher appreciation week! We loved reading all of the sweet messages from the Gingkoes!

At home you can...

Sort! We are beginning a new math unit on sorting. Some kids have chosen to sort pattern blocks by color during exploration. Over the week, you can work on sorting toys, snacks, or other objects with your child at home by shape, color, or size!

Continue reading with your child. Ask questions about a story when you are reading to your child...why do you think the character is feeling this way? What do you think will happen next? Did you like this story?

Ask your child what they wrote about this week!

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