A Trip To California

Earth Science in California

My picture represents Earth science because it had to do with me observing the beach. It was Earth science because I was interacting with non-living objects. I was inspecting the shells and rocks I found from the shore, the seaweed that was in the water, and the sand that was stuck onto my wet feet.

Crashing Waves!

While I was in California, we did what all tourists do, we went to the beach. I reluctantly stepped into the salty, ocean water, which was burning all my cuts. I sat down, trying to turn my body temperature the same as the water. I looked back as my Aunt was taking a picture. Out of nowhere, a gigantic wave toppled over me, drowning me in its depth. I tried to breath, only making me swallow the salty water. My eyes burned while the current pulled me deeper. Eventually my sister saw me in need and pulled me to shore, looking like a beached whale. I ate a grape to take the taste out of my mouth. This was an example of Physical Science. The current pulling me in and the size of the wave.

About Myself!

Some characteristics I want you to know about me is that I am very crazy. I like to talk a lot, but I like sitting with my friends. If you give me a warning, I will not talk. Also I do not think I am very creative. I can't think of things on my own. I need some influences. I love helping teachers. Passing things out and writing on the board is my expertise. If you ever need help I am the one to call.