January 2015

The Intermediate Library/Media Center is a thriving reading and resource community for students and teachers. We operate on a flexible schedule. This allows our 685 students and teachers to use the library to their best advantage. Teachers bring their classes to the library on schedules that best fit them. Students can come in to check out books as they finish them not just at a class time. Teachers and teams can ask for the library for research, special events, etc. Because we are flexible we can switch schedules, etc. to make this happen. This also allows the library to come up with events such as speakers, drama department performances, webinar opportunities, etc.

Library circulation continues to hold steady even as we have one less day of check out per week. Current circulation statistics for check outs as of December 15, 2014 were 13,493 books. Our library makes numerous interlibrary loans throughout the district. 650 books were sent as interlibrary loans this year.

A Brief Glimpse at WIS Media Center

Below you will find pictures, statistics, and text that will give an overview of our media center.

Reading Promotion

Below you will find some of the reading promotion activites that are standard for our library. Other ways reading is promoted is book talks, having visiting authors, displays, special programs. Authors and special programs depend on what are available for the year.