Overture's Spring Music Play

For children from birth to 5 years

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Are you a non-musician parent who values music education and wants it to start it for your child as soon as possible? Then >>click<<, listen and sing with this FREE mp3 lesson.

Do you understand the value of brain education, love of life, and everything that is beautiful?

Do you want to connect with your child's emotions in an artful way?

Did anyone ever tell you, "You can't sing," or "You can't be in the show"?

Do you feel you missed your potential to achieve in music?

Would you like to raise your child's chances to achieve in music with research-proven methods during this most critical learning period of her life? Now you can!

It's Overture's passion and commitment to bring you and your child this joy, enrichment, and neurological enhancement in every lesson... in a fun and engaging way that will make it last forever.

Get started with Music Play for birth to age 5 with parent.

  • Kids sing more in tune and move to a beat
  • Enjoy melodic + rhythm pattern instruction from Music Learning Theory
  • Grow healthy voices and loving relationships

Tele-class available by live video with group + private options. >>Try a free mp3 sample