Cheetahs are endangered!

Whats Going On?

Cheetahs are being endangered! Im going to tell you a few resons why cheetahs are being endangered. 1. Part of why cheetahs are endangered is habitat loss. 2. People are hunting them and taking more then what they need. 3. Cheetahs have problems surviving because the natrual African habitat is shrinking

What Can We Do To Help

The cheetah, one of the worlds most considered endangered animal. Here are a few ideas you can prevent the cheetah from being extinct. 1 Stop poaching, poaching meansthe illegal practice of trespassing on another's property to hunt or steal game without the landowner's permission. 2 The lose of habitat, the population for there habitat is shrinking because of humans.

Help This Is a Crisis!!!

Save This Animal

This is an amazing animal. Most of the cheetahs internment is shrinking and we need your help to save this animal.
The Endangered Cheetah