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5ive for Friday

1. Train Ugly: Trevor Ragan taught me a lot. I took 8 pages of notes but nothing hit home and carries on with people more than the jungle tiger story. It is a story I plan to pass on with many students. All our students need to know how to hunt and not just get fed.

2. Staff Highlight: Tyra Damm...note some people reported issues clicking on the link on their computer. However everyone said it worked on their phones or tablets.

-Her challenging childhood

-Teacher inspirations

-Being her own advocate as a 9 year old child

-The GT music program that happened by mistake

-Teacher influences

-The PSAT parents

-Why she doesn't get the DMN anymore


-Dallas Museum of Art

-The old green chair



-Favorite books

-Teaching moments

-Being humble

-The bench for her late husband

-The conversation with her 20 year old self


-Favor of everyone with their kids

-Her other jobs outside of Hosp

-Where to find her online


Next week: Mrs. Bedell!

3. Check Out: SkillShare. It is an app that is basically Etsy but for everything. Need film editing? Need some music mixed? Need some programming done? Need someone to write your autobiography (that is a joke..you see an autobiography is...ok nevermind)? Download the SkillShare app and find someone to do it for you!

4. Celebrations: 2nd Grade...not that so many of you haven't done this...it is top of mind after meeting with them...showing tremendous growth from one CBA to the next and some students make as much as 30% growth! That is incredible!

Lara Weinke: We were short subs and Ms. Weinke served as a "sub" covering classes and helping out.

5. Who is inspiring me: Walter O'Brien, genius with an IQ of 197 who hacked NASA "for fun" at age 14 from his parents dairy farm in Ireland. He is the inspiration behind the TV show "Scorpion". He is the guy behind the website conciergeup.com which can build you anything from a secret room in your house to a full on Dr. Evil command center or even (if you have the money) get your daughter to break up with that Harley riding boyfriend and not know anyone else was involved in the break up. I'm not joking. He does the things your imagination makes up.

He also runs a software problem solving company called Scorpion Computer Services that solve huge problems for billionaires, governments, and the biggest of the big Fortune 500 companies. Basically, this guy might run the coolest businesses in the world. I can't imagine he has a "boring" or "slow" day at work. What makes him the coolest is that he is smart enough to know that people with high IQ's often have low EQ(Emotional Intelligence). So he seeks them out to make his company strong where he and the other 25 geniuses that work with him, are weak. He has stated the people with the highest EQ's are teachers. So he seeks them out. He has also made the claim that students need to have a high EQ not IQ to be successful. He is also one that believes a high IQ does not equal smart. While it is difficult to increase your IQ you can get "Smarter". He believes the smartest people in the world have a slightly above average IQ (120) and a high EQ.

So What does this have to do with Hosp?

Everything of course! Trevor got us thinking about how we challenge our students and that we need to be focusing on raising Jungle Tigers! Skillshare gives us a glimpse into what our working world looks like for the future. Independent contractors selling their talents to anyone, anywhere. How are we preparing our students to become independent workers who compete with big box companies? 2nd Grade reminded us that good planning, hard work, and strategic feedback with students equals huge growth! Walter O'Brien shows us to think so far outside the box and know your weakness...even if you have a 197 IQ.

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What happened at Hosp lately?

Solve this problem..all in your head...no paper....no Google....or Siri...honest...did you get it right?

This problem comes from the book I am reading, Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow. Here is a tip...think slow!

A bat and ball cost $1.10

The bat costs one dollar more than the ball

How much does the ball cost?

FYI, more than 50% of Harvard, MIT, and Princeton students got it wrong. Did you?


"Don't give up on a dream because of time. The time will pass anyway." -Earl Nightingale