Scallop Apitizers



1 pound of rinsed and patted dried scallops

1 cup of French dressing

1/2 of a crushed clove garlic

To create this recipe you must first cut the scallops into small pieces. Then bring a pan of lightly salted water to a boil and add the scallops and let them simmer for 5 min.

Then drain them into a jar, add the french dressing, and add the garlic. Screw the lid onto the jar and shake it. Then place it in the fridge so it can marinate. Once it is marinated, pour out the liquid and place the scallops onto sticks and serve.

Nutritional Value

Calories:215 kcal


Fat: 15.9 g


Carbs: 6.5g


Protein: 9.5 g


Cholesterol: 19 mg


Sodium: 369 mg


How this recipe meets the Canadian Food guide standards.

This recipe mainly consists of the food group meats and alternatives because the main ingredient is fish meat. The other food group is Veggies and fruit because garlic is a vegetable. This recipe meets the Canadian food guide standers because it is a tasty and healthy snack if portioned right.

Interesting Facts

1. Scallops are from a species called bivalves.

2. If your like me then you wouldn't have known that scallops are actually an animal... not a potato.

3. Scallops are filter eaters.

4. April 19th is National Garlic Day.