River and springs

Leah Rivera


My ecosystem is located the south of lake Okeechobee.Some things that people can do is canoeing and touring.My ecosystem is protected by the government.The most popular place to visit is Ichetucknee Springs State Park.


SUBSTRATE: Often sandy, but sometimes exposed limestone, silt, or clay.

TOPOGRAPHY/HYDROLOGY: Most rivers and streams slow flowing; some panhandle rivers originate at higher elevations and are faster flowing; most springs are artesian. Of 24 major rivers, 21 flow south or west to the Gulf, 2 flow north and east to the Atlantic, and one flows south to Lake Okeechobee.

PROCESSES/DYNAMICS/ABIOTIC FACTORS: Sand-bottom streams are slightly acidic and moderately colored; swamp-and-bog streams are very acidic and darkly colored; calcareous streams are cool, clear, and alkaline; large rivers carry considerable silt and clay and are always muddy.

Endangered animal in river and springs

A animal that is endangered in river and springs in florida is the manatee.Through november-march they are 600 manatees and in summer time only 60 manatees.Manatees can be found in shallow,slow-moving rivers,saltwater bays,canals,and coastal areas.
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Human impact on river and springs.

Somethings have a positive impact because you can learn more about rivers and springs and you can explore.But some people cause pollution and some of the animals are dying.
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Some things found in river and springs.

Food chain

These is some of the animal and plants eat.