My heroes: (Hero interview project)

My Mom, my brother, and Albert Einstein


Hi! My name is Sean Osborne! I'm fourteen years old and live in Wilmette, Il. This website is a contribution to all those who have shaped me to make me the way I am. While there are far more people who deserve to be on this site than just the three I will be telling you about today, (such as members of my family and extended family, teachers and other adults) I hope you enjoy the story of how these people shaped my life.

How my Mom has been by far the most heroic to me by changing me for the better and making my overall life better

My mom was extraordinary. Throughout me life, I will never forget what she did for me. She has by far, had the greatest impact on my life than any of these other heroes, and while I didn't have to write this paragraph about what she did for me as a requirement for writing class, I am any ways, because it would be a shame if what she did went unnoticed by me.

It all started when I was given an IEP. I was historically known to get insanely high test scores but very low grades, which drove my first and second grade teachers insane. I was also unorganized and had no friends. However my mom worked with me as she was a teacher herself. I remember how she would buy many bottles of shaving cream, spray it on a table and have me write out spelling words in the shaving cream with my finger. She would me letter tiles that I could form words out, and gave me rewards for reading a certain amount of books. She would teach me how to organize my self, and

(P.S. Mom, if you are reading this, I love you!)

How Albert Einstein was a hero to me by inspiring me

my research in how to teach more effectively, like how my heroes taught me

The reason I chose my topic, how to teach effectively, was because throughout

my life, the people who have been heroes towards me taught me many different things that would change my life for the better. I would now, through this project, like to share information I have learned by teaching it to you, to show the importance of teaching, and how being taught shaped my life as well as many others. I would also like to dedicate this project to my mom and my brother, who have continued to teach and shape me throughout my life.

My heroes influencing me through my life


For looking at how my three heroes made me who I am today, and made my overall life so much better by pouring in much more of their time and effort than anyone else I've known would.