Walk Two Moons



Sal is living a tranquil life, with her family, in Bybanks, Kentucky, until Sal's mom leaves after delivering a dead baby. Sal and her dad move to Euclid, Ohio because the house in Bybanks was haunting Sal's father. Sal meats Phoebe in Ohio and on the way to see Sal's mom "Rest In Peace". Sal tells the story of phoebe's lunatic to her Gram and Gramps.

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Throughout the novel, 'Walk Two Moons' the author foreshadows and gives numerous clues to the unexpected ending of three characters.

Mike is Mrs. Winterbottom's Son

The first day Phoebe saw Mike she thought he was a lunatic that was going to run into the house, and take them. That same day Mike said, "So do the Winterbottom's live here?" That tells the reader that Mike is looking for one member of the Winterbottom family. One day Phoebe, Sal, Ben and Mary Lou walked home and saw Mike. He said, "Phoebe Winterbottom, right?" The author did this to show that Mike will not leave the Winterbottom's alone and the author also did this to show foreshadowing clues. Phoebe stopped by Mrs. Partridge's house to see how she was doing. Mrs. Partridge tells Phoebe "Oh, Phoebe, I think I met your brother." Phoebe denies she has a brother and walks home. The author did this to leave the reader confused and to give more clues to the unexpected ending. Phoebe and Sal travel to Mikes’ college to ask him questions. Sal was looking for an empty bench to sit on and sees Phoebe's mother kissing the lunatic. This passage gives it away that Mike Bickle is Mrs. Winterbottom's son.

Gram's Death

On the way to see Sal's mom Gram, Gramps and Sal all stopped by a river. Gram yells "Oh!" and grabs a poisonous water moccasin snake out of the water. This shows the reader that the author has given a foreshadowing clue about what is going to happen to Gram. There is another clue on page 114 that reads "Where did we leave of with Peeby?" said Gram and then Gramps says "What's the matter gooseberry, did the snake bit your brains?" This clue represents that Gram is fading and getting worse. I believe that Gram is keeping it a secret that she feels very bad and weak. At the begining of the story Gram is very effervescent and she starts fading. For example on page 144 Gram tried to say "huzza, huzza" but she could not breathe well "huz, huz" she rasped. After Gram gets to see Old Faithful she says "Okay, let's go." That tells the reader that she finally did everything she wanted to do and now she can "rest."

Sal's Mom Died in a Bus Accident

Before you even open the book, on the cover you see a picture of Sal leaning over a railing and looking at a bus. Page 3 reads "We got the bad news that she was not returning." This foreshadowing clue will tell the reader early on in the story there is a mystery to Sal's mom vanishing. Also, Sal says she is scared of bus accidents. It is very rare for someone be normally scared of bus accidents. So the author wants the reader to think about why she is scared of bus accidents. After Sal stops at where his mom died and officer says "A bus went off the road here - a year or more ago." This gives it way because why would Sal randomly stop on a road for no reason and unfortunately a bus crashed happened at that exact spot.


After Sal's mom dies and after Phoebe gets a new brother everything goes back to normal. Sal and her father move back to Bybanks, Kentucky and Phoebe's family is now complete. From this book I learned to never judge a man untill you have walked two moons in his maccasins.