Roman Architecture & Engineering

By: Julia, Kylie, Matt, and Sam


The Roman people created many buildings, techniques, and structures that are the focal point for most architectural buildings built in today's world. We have followed the example of the ancient Romans when talking about building structures and using techniques the Romans developed to build them.

How the Romans were influenced by the Greeks

  • The Romans were influenced by the Greek’s innovative ideas and designs.
  • Some of Rome’s architectural techniques were combined with old (Greek) techniques and more innovative ideas created by the Romans.
  • The Romans were inspired by the work the Greeks accomplished, but the Romans established their own construction techniques which were more efficient and handy.
  • The Romans also used the different columns the Greeks invented. Such as, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.
  • Also, they borrowed the idea of the arch from the Etruscan's.
  • Using these new techniques the Romans were able to produce a new range of architectural structures.

Importance of Architecture and engineering in Ancient Rome

  • Architecture and engineering had a huge importance to Rome because without it buildings and structures wouldn't have been built or been stable.
  • Without Rome's architectural uniqueness Rome wouldn't be known for their buildings and structures.

  • Aqueducts: Their purpose was to bring fresh water down from the mountains to provide water for fountains and public baths. Without the Roman architecture and designs, at that time period, building aqueducts would have been nearly impossible.
  • Arches: Their purpose was to hold up and keep the aqueducts in place and sturdy. Also using arches, the Romans saved lots of material and building supplies.

How Architecture and engineering affected Rome's society and culture

  • It influenced Roman society because the easy and efficient innovations allowed the people to live their lives without a worry.
Example: The people of Rome could always have a fresh source of water to drink, cook with, and bathe in.

  • It influenced Roman culture, because of the Architecture and Engineering in Rome, it allowed the Romans to spread their culture throughout the Ancient World.

Example: The Roman Roads, allowed the Romans to travel and communicate to other civilizations and people to spread their culture.

Important techniques and structures built by the Romans

Legacy & Impact of Rome on the modern world

  • Roman Architecture and Engineering is still the foundation of modern architectural design.
  • The techniques the Romans developed helped civilizations after them become more advanced. (And modern civilizations too)
  • We have learned many things from the Romans but we have taken many ideas the Romans had and made them more advanced.
  • In almost every way, shape, or form, the old ways of Roman architecture are still used in the structures we build today.


  • Aqueducts: The Romans created Aqueducts which helped us create more advanced water pipes.
  • Public Baths: The public baths influenced us to be clean human beings. It could have been possible, if it weren't for the Roman invention of baths, that we wouldn't bathe.
  • Arches: Arches are still used today to keep structures sturdy and stable.

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