John Smith

US Congressman

Core Beliefs:

Foreign Policy- John Smith is always skeptical of military intervention, especially in the Middle East, but he is not afraid to use it. He is against nation-building and compromising our national security through deals like the Iran Nuclear Deal. John Smith will stand strong against enemies like North Korea, but he will reaffirm his support for allies like Israel. He will not put up with cyberattacks and currency manipulation. He supports peace through strength.

Economic Policy- John Smith advocates tax reform that levels the playing field. He wants low taxes for all, but no loopholes for the rich. His new tax plan calls for three tax brackets ranging from 15-25%. In addition, although free trade is the ultimate goal, John Smith believes in fair trade. Deals like the TPP may only result in more lost American jobs, and John Smith won't stand for it.

Education- Common Core and national education are failures. Education should be dealt with at the local level. Students shouldn't be held back by low standards and should be placed according to ability, because not all students are the same.