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Offer External Wash Tunnels To Get Customers In For Mobile Car Detailing Equipment Services

When you are trying to sell mobile car detailing equipment services, the first word that may come to mind is probably not cheap or affordable. You want people to come in and buy more expensive packages, get their car details, and help you to pay off your costs of car detailing equipment fast or help you to make more money. There are of course a variety of reasons that people get into car washes, but while the startup costs are considerable, car washes are ultimately an extremely profitable business option.

Express Wash Tunnels Get You Off To The Right Start for Mobile Car Detailing Equipment

One of the great things about express wash tunnels is that they are quick and easy, getting more customers in the door, meaning that you have more customers to market mobile car detailing equipment to. Many car washes make the bulk of their money off this higher quantity of customers, which may be a long term strategy depending on your area.

But if you are looking to increase the demand for your detailing services, getting people in the door is the most important building block to start from. Perspectives vary. There are car washes who hate these express tunnels specifically because customers walk right past their car wash onto the cheaper option. As you may have noticed though, this is the nature of the market. You have to give the consumer what they actually want and create value for the services you offer.

Where Did Express Tunnel Washes Come From, and Why Do You Need Them To Support Mobile Car Detailing Equipment?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that you need express tunnel washes to support a need for mobile car detailing equipment, but rather, you need something cheap to get people in the door so that you can upsell. The express tunnel just happens to be one of the most popular options.

Express tunnel washes came from a need in the community and among car washes. It allows companies to minimize their workforce, at least at first, reducing overhead. You can utilize automated cashiers, ATMs, and easy credit card processing without ever having more bodies creating day to day overhead than you want. Some car washes have even chosen to base their entire business model solely on this kind of cheap express mobile car wash equipment. Machinery can even do the upselling for you, offering smaller but still significant improvements such as undercarriage cleaning.

Can Tunnel Express Washers Be More Green Than Other Types of Mobile Car Wash Equipment?

All types of mobile car wash equipment and detailing equipment has become more green. There are many focusing more on steam washes and other ways to save water, and when driving through a tunnel, many would imagine that would take an inordinate amount of water. After all, you are spraying in multiple stages.

There are definitely improvements on the horizon. But as compared to a DIY car wash, the tunnel wash actually cuts the water use in half. The DIY car wash uses an average of 240 gallons of water going into the waste system. The average tunnel car wash actually requires a mere 50 to 60 gallons.

Car wash tunnel costs are about $0.20 to $0.50 per car as opposed to $0.60 to $0.70 for the in bay washes, and that’s without considering the cost of manpower, which would be calculated assuming that your staff were always busy working on cars. Are there any downsides?

Some People Just Assume Mobile Car Wash Equipment In General is Maintenance Free

Especially when new to the market, it isn’t unusual for people to assume that mobile car wash equipment, especially these types of express washes. Even the best car wash equipment is not without its shortcomings and required maintenance. It is still machinery and requires an experienced technician to come by from time to time to avoid any unnecessary shut downs. So while the express car wash is definitely cheaper, you still need to consider the cost of maintenance when determining your cost for each wash. For most profitable businesses, this is generally about $3 to $5 per wash.

The Future of Mobile Car Detailing Equipment And Car Washes

There are many things that will factor into the future of mobile car detailing equipment including the ready availability of water. In many areas with droughts, car washes may face higher costs and possible city restrictions. This will likely push many manufacturers of car wash equipment in a more green direction. They will start coming out with systems that use less and less water to do the same job, but the cost of those systems will also go up.

When it comes to anybody trying to start a business, the startup costs remain high. Regardless of what type of system you are putting in, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars for even the cheapest system, and your breakeven point is something to constantly keep in mind.

Customer preferences may change. So even for those who have found extreme success using tunnel washers that cost $3 to $5 a wash, you may want to diversify your portfolio. You don’t want to be the one scrambling to buy mobile car detailing equipment should customers in your area decide that they want a more personalized and comprehensive tough with their car washes, or for that matter when they decide that the tunnel options are a dime a dozen and your car wash doesn’t offer anything else to draw them in.

The second would be more likely as most, if not all, markets become more saturated with quick and cheap car wash options. The aim will always to be to get people out of their driveway, and your success depends on continued innovation.

Always Do Your Research Into The Mobile Car Detailing Equipment Market

There is no market, including with mobile car detailing equipment, that literally changes overnight. Especially with bigger changes, there are different trends that emerge over time, and if you are keeping up on the market, you will be able to see it coming more readily.

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