The HCS Child Nutrition Program

Newsletter October 2019

Director's Message:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break! It is only a few short weeks until Thanksgiving approaches. So, Let's maintain our focus and keep doing our best to continue to serve our great Huntsville City Schools community.- H. Ward

National School Lunch Week 2019

October Birthdays!!

Joyce – 10/3

Jennifer – 10/5

Christopher – 10/10

Mitzi – 10/11

Linda – 10/11

Calandra – 10/15

Theresa – 10/16

Mirtha – 10/18

Allison – 10/20

Yvonne – 10/20

Did you Know?

Washington D.C. Introduces Bill to Require Schools to Reduce Food Waste

On October 22nd, the Council of the District of Columbia introduced B.506, the Zero Waste Omnibus Amendment Act of 2019. This act amends the Sustainable Solid Waste Management Amendment Act of 2014. It would require all public schools with at least 100 employees to dispose of “food waste” through vessel composting, meaning organic waste is enclosed in a drum, bin or container to produce compost that is maintained or disposed of under proper conditions. This bill has been referred to the Committee on Transportation and the Environment.

Service Anniversaries

Belinda Anderson – 12 years

Christopher Bone – 20 years

Maria Boyzo – 2 years

Chrissy Depew – 21 years

Kitty Holt – 4 years

Patsy Jones – 12 years

Winnie Malone – 26 years

Michelle Martin – 4 years

Norma Martin – 4 years

Sonya Mastin – 21 years

Yvonne McKinney – 12 years

Lavell Mitchell – 3 years

Theresa Wilkerson – 13 years

CNP Supervisor of the Month- Gwen Graham at Farley Elementary

CNP Employee Spotlight! - Mrs. Lynthia Hayden

Mrs. Lynthia Hayden works at Dawson Elementary School and has been with Huntsville City Schools for over 25 years. She is originally from Scottsboro, AL. She has been married for 29 years to Henry Hayden and they have five children. Their names are Lamont, Shatana, Henry Jr., Sharetha, and Deprist. Lynthia also has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Lynthia loves to cook and entertain the children that she serves, and the students call her “Mama Red”. When she is not working, Lynthia likes to socialize with family and friends. Her favorite music is gospel and blues., Lynthia believes you should always be kind and treat people right. She loves child nutrition because of her coworkers and the kids. If Lynthia were not working in child nutrition, then she would be cooking somewhere else or having her own business. Her hobbies include dancing, playing cards, and visiting casinos. If she could be any fictional character, then Lynthia says that she would be Bugs Bunny. Her favorite sport is volleyball and she does not like doing the laundry. If she could meet anyone living or deceased, then it would be Jesus Christ. Lynthia feels that the traits that define her are being funny, a cool person, and being very down to earth. In five years Lynthia plans to retire and operate her own business. She also says that success to her happens when a person is doing well in life.

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