Marine biologist

What is a marine biologist...

What is a Marine Biologist?

A marine biologist is a person who studies animals and keeps track of the how many and what kind there are in the waters, also they research about different animals and organisms there are. This person works in the water or on land, for most of the hours they work. Most people think of them as marine scientists.

Payment and education needed

A marine biologist has a median salary of about $45,000 to $110,000 per year that they work.

The education needed for this job are many different ones, but you do not need to take all of them. Some of them are marine conversation, marine science, marine life, biology, chemistry, zoology, and math. You can take some of these classes in high school, but others have to be taken in college. In college you need to receive a Ph. D, which is 12 years of college.

job duties and description

This type of biologist works an average of about 60 hours a week teaching interns, research and tag animals, and give presentations about marine life. There are also other things that they might do. Being a marine biologist you are outside all day, while you are outside you are exploring the animals and waters of the earth. You also teach others about what you learn.

environmental realationship

A marine biologist is helping the environment because they research animals that could be harmful to us, also they know what to do when animals get hurt and need help. They keep the things that are bad for our environment out of the waters. They also can keep animals from going extinct.

advantages and disadvantages

An advantage to this job would be that you are outside all day and physically researching animals, not just doing research on the computer. You still might do some work on the computers but you get to do hands on research also. Another thing, you have to work somewhere warm to have a year round job. Lastly, you would get to travel a lot.

A disadvantage would be you could get sick form the germs in the waters if you get bit, or you could run into something that could be get you really sick or hurt. If you worked somewhere cold as this job you would probably have to travel somewhere warm, and that money could add up quickly.

interesting facts

An interesting fact that I found was that not only can you research the different things in the waters, but you also get to be part of a marine life sanctuary and take care of injured animals. Also, they get to travel and most of the websites that I read that had some words about their job, said that they really enjoyed it. Lastly, you get to hang out will new people and make a lot of new friends.

why marine life?

I would like to be a marine biologist because I like to meet new people, be outside, I like to swim and have a great time, and I enjoy the marine life. I also like to travel to different places. I like to be adventurous and learn and explore marine life.

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