Appearance of Fine Lines

How to Minimize the Appearance of Fine Lines Effectively

It is not possible to avoid aging. But you can always slow down the process by trying different methods. Apart from regular use of cosmetics, some changes in daily diet and life style can go a long way to minimize the appearance of fine lines. Few such effective methods to reduce the appearance of these lines are discussed below.

Drinking Plenty of Water

As a rule, you should daily drink eight glasses of water. However, very few people manage to follow this simple discipline. Bad eating habits deposit many toxins in your body. If they are not flushed out immediately, they affect the pace of cell division process. Accumulation of dead cells on your facial skin makes it look discolored, dull and blemished. If your skin remains in this condition for long, fine lines will start appearing very fast. Water flush out all the toxins in your body so that cell division process continues with its regular pace. Drinking water in recommended measure controls the process of aging and keeps your skin looking glowing and clear for long years.

Include Berries in Your Diet

Most of the berries including blueberries are rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. These radicals are responsible for reducing the presence of collagen at cellular level of your skin. Collagen is the major component that keeps your skin clear, supple and free of wrinkles. As you age, the production of collagen decreases due to aging process. So, as to maintain the available collagen in your skin, it is important that you keep these free radicals at bay by providing your body antioxidants in right amount.

Quit Addictions, Bad Vices

Smoking addiction or daily intake of alcohol in large amount can increase the speed of aging. Once you quit smoking and drinking, your skin will start looking more youthful. Its elasticity increases and texture becomes soft and beautiful. All the therapies and topical treatments fail to minimize the appearance of fine lines unless you quit your bad habits and addictions.

Moisturize Skin Three Times a Day

Top beauticians always advise that you should provide your skin-required amount of moisturizer day and night. When you are young use of moisturizer once or twice can be enough. However, after you cross thirties, you should be very careful in its use. It is advisable that you make a daily routine of applying moisturizer at least three times a day. This is more important if your skin is particularly dry. Moreover, with the onset of menopause phase, your body undergoes lot of hormonal changes. This can also dry your skin more than normal. Regular application of moisturizer improves the texture of the skin, keeps the collagen level balanced and reduces the wrinkles.

Topical Medications

It is a well-known fact that preparation H is used for shrinking hemorrhoids. But beauticians also use it to hydrate your skin, reduce the puffiness around eyes and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Many celebs vouch for its effectiveness. Similarly, retinol is also helpful in reversing aging process. Although it is mostly prescribed for clearing acne infections, it works fast by decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is especially effective in reducing laugh lines and crow’s feet.

Botox and Collagen Injections

A face-lift to reduce fine lines can be way away from your budget or thought, but you can always consider injecting your skin with collagen or Botox. These treatments are comparatively cheaper and the results are immediate and long lasting. You can see the result within few hours from the treatment.

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