Christopher Sholes Type Writer

Exactly Your Type

Who invented it and how it works

The typewriter was invented by Christopher Sholes. It was invented in 1867 in New York. THe typewriter is an electric or manual machine with keys for producing print like characters one at a time on paper inserted around a roller. When you press a key on it a lever attatched to that key swings a lever called a type hammer towards the paper. As the type hammer is about to hit the paper, a ribbon of linked cloth lifts and the type hammer presses it against the paper, leaving an ink impression of the letter or number.

Impact on society

How it effected America

The typewriter helped create a entry point for women to seek office base typing jobs. It revolutionized business and it reduced the time of expence. The typewriter involved in creating documents and enouraged the spread of sistamatics management. Nearly 45,000 and 64% of stenographors and typist were women. In 1873 he sold his patent right to 'E. Remington and Sons.' who had the technological skills to develop and manufacture the machine. It gradually grew on to become a computer.