Computer Components

Alll parts of the modern computer

Hardware and Software of Computors

Computer System Hardware & Software.


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is an electronic circuit that allows you to use programs on the computer.

Hard Disk

The hard disk allow you to insert and read what is on a soft or floppy disk

Heat sink

A fan that cools the computer down.


Allow you to type in letter, documents and many other thing onto the computer


A modem allow a house to use the internet by creating a Wi-Fi field for device to connect to.


The motherboard is the main circuit system in the computer.


Allows you to select icons or data on computer.

Optical Drive

The Optical drive allows you insert and read what is on a DVD or CD

Power Supply

The power supply is used to allow your computer to work if you had no power your computer would no work


A printer allow you to bring images off the computer and into the real world.


The RAM (Random Access Memory) is a fast temporary type of memory in which applications and data is stored.


Allows you to see what you are doing on the computer.

Video Card

The video card otherwise called the graphics card is used to show colour on the screen