Leif Ericson

By Colin Tubbs


Says who Christopher Columbus found the new world? He is a big liar. Leif Ericson was the first to north america five hundred years before Columbus. And Columbus enslaved natives. So if you’re going to celebrate a holiday, celebrate Leif Ericson day.


He was born in 980. His father was Eric the red. He was the first non native in north america. he landed in Canada and named the land Vine land because of all the grapes. He saved 15 people from a shipwreck when coming back from Vine land. He has two relatives. He made two voyages to north america.

How exploration has changed over the time from now to back to lief erricsons life

There are many ways exploration has changed over time. One way it has changed is we have navigation systems that can map the whole world. Another way exploration has changed is there is no more land to explore. The only places that are unknown are space and the deep sea. In conclusion, exploration changed many ways over time.