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November 2, 1924 $0.30

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Local Millionare Bootlegger Killed by Murder-Suicide

Local party thrower Jay Gatsby, shot and killed by George Wilson at Gatsby's mansion in West Egg, on August 3, 1922. Jay Gatsby was swimming in his pool when Wilson approached him and shot him in the chest. Shortly after Wilson shot himself. A staff member confirmed Gatsby was swimming when Wilson arrived. Gatsby's loved ones such as Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker and Meyer Wolfsheim refused to comment but Nick Carraway, Gatsby's closest friend shared kind words about him, "Gatsby was an amazing and brilliant man, a wonderful friend and kind to others". Medical examiner, Aimee Brown, explained Gatsby's death saying, "bullet impacted Gatsby on the right side of his chest, crushing rib cage causing immediate death".

Famous Magician Dies at Age 52 (savanna)

Harry Houdini was performing a show at the Princess Theater in Detroit, Michigan, when the night before he spiked a fever of 102-104 degrees. After the show, Houdini was approached by two college students, Jocelyn G. Whitehead and Samuel J. Smilovitz, Jocelyn proceeded to ask Houdini if he could withstand any punch to the abdomen, Houdini confirmed the myth and let him test his theory. After punching him in the mid section a couple of times, rupturing his appendix that later lead to the death of the famous magician. Harry Houdini died at Grace Hospital on October 31,1922.

Hit and Run Victim Killed (Kristen)

On Saturday, Myrtle Wilson ran out into the road and was struck by a yellow car, rumored to be Jay Gatsby. Myrtle was killed on impact of the car, witness say she was trying to get the yellow car to stop, the car didn't stop and hit her. Many witnesses say the yellow car proceeded to keep driving, after killing the victim.

Tiffany & Co.

Beautiful jewels as the perfect gift for the perfect person.

First Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! (Kristen)

Thanksgiving just got a lot more interesting! Macy's is hosting the first ever parade on Thanksgiving day in Times Square, New York. Floats featuring Mother Goose, Old Women Who Lived in a Shoe, Little Red Riding Hood will all be in the 1st annual Macy's Day Parade. The local Macy's employees will dress as clowns, cowboys and sword-wielding knights to keep your kids entertained.

Philip Morris

You smoke them, we make them!

Murder in Kluxen Woods (savanna)

On October 6, 1921, in Kluxen Woods, the gruesome murder of a twelve-year-old Janet Lawrence took place. Lawrence was stabbed 25 times, in her heart, throat and other unknown places by the unknown murderer. After her school day, Janet took a long walk in the woods, who was later found in lying in a pool of blood. An Award for $1,000 is offered for the Lawrence's killer. Frank Felice was considered the number one suspect and was later arrested but released due to lack of evidence. Later that month, another body surfaced, six year-old, Stella Ostrosky. Stella vanished during recess at her elementary school near Fresh Pond. Investigators believe it was the same man is responsible for both murders. Follow up story to come.