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Finding sport memorabilia does not have to be such a difficult task. This is the 21st century and internet technology is at its best. It is really easy to get work done right from the comfort of home today. What you need is to get decent internet connection and you can begin your shopping. When you are shopping for the autographed sports souvenirs, you can trust the internet to have thousands of them available for you to purchase. However, you should beware of fake ones that may be out there in the market.

The cost of sports memorabilia

Sports souvenirs that are autographed are in no short supply. It does not matter which one you would like to purchase because you will be able to get them easily through the internet. The only problem is that you might have a hard time selecting between the fake items and the genuine ones. For instance, you want to get an autographed photograph of Kobe Bryant. You are likely to find it but then its authenticity might be questionable.

The cost of the items depends on a variety of factors including their availability. Some celebrities and sports personalities just dislike autographing and so their items are quite rare. This means that they will cost a fortune at times. It is important to remember that sports memorabilia is not limited to photographs of the stars and the uniform they played in. You can also get autographed items like balls, caps and such things.

Each of these items is differently priced depending on its size, quality and authenticity. Genuinely autographed sports items tend to be quite costly. As a general rule of the thumb when the deal is too good think twice about it. This is the first secret that you can use to determine whether something is fake or it is genuine. Once you have the photographs you should invest in getting high quality custom frames for them.

How to detect fakes

There is autopen- you should beware of this. The signatures are usually planted on the frames and whatever else using a machine. Detecting these signatures can be really hard to notice but then if you are keen you will find out that it is not so. Autopen signatures are usually wobbly in appearance. They look like the writing surface was vibrating when the signature was being made. Furthermore, the signatures usually end in dots or they appear as if the pen was suddenly lifted from the page. When done with autopen, the signatures are always identical- completely identical.

There is also the rubber stamping, which is very common in memorabilia from the 70s and early 80s. A fake rubber stamp will always have a smudge around it. It appears as if it is bleeding and that is usually because the stamping was done in a rush to get as many items stamped.

Forgeries are not uncommon either. They are extremely hard to detect because there are individuals who have perfected the art of faking other people’s signatures. It is therefore possible to get that autographed photograph plus the custom frames but then it turns out that they are not genuine. The signature will look completely authentic and will be lacking the characteristics of the autopen. However, you can spare yourself shopping for fake items if you take some time to find a reliable place to do your shopping.

Investing some time in researching the best places to do your shopping is one of the best ways to get authentic products. You are guaranteed that you will be able to pick out the items you want and at the same time you will get genuine products. See more info at

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