By Lara

See the Sights

In Australia we have many different special landmarks for you to see.

The first is Sydney Harbour, Sydney, NSW. Also the location of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. If you are a daredevil and love heights, the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is the thing for you! Just 1,332 steps high, taking 3 and a half hours max, You can do the climb at dawn, daytime or even at night.

Next is Uluru National Park, located in The Northern Territory. Not sure what it is? Well you'll be surprised! It is a huge rock basically in the centre of Australia, in the outback. It is very important to many Indigenous Australians because it was formed by ancestral beings during Dreamtime. Uluru is best seen at sunrise and sunset because that is when the colours of the outback are truly amazing.

Now, let's head to Queensland. The Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of North Queensland. It is a beautiful, colourful reef, and is actually the world's largest coral reef system. Stretching 2300 kilometres, this natural icon is so large it can even be seen from outer space. It includes around 3000 separate coral reefs, 600 islands, 1625 species of fish, 133 varieties of sharks and stingrays and 600 types of soft and hard corals.

If you love shopping, this next one is the place for you. Melbourne, Victoria is Australia's cultural capital. Melbourne is famous for its shopping and has great cafes and restaurants. It is also famous for its night life.

Our Government System

Australia has three levels of government: federal, state/territory and local. The federal government is the highest level of government, it has a prime minister named Malcom Turnbull and it covers issues like immigration, marriage, communications, taxation, defence and foreign affairs. The next level of government is the state/territory government. They meet in the capital city of each state/territory. They take care of things like schools, hospitals, roads, railways, electricity, water, mining and agriculture. The third level of government is the local government, made up of over 560 councils across Australia. councils are responsible for things like local roads, parks, rubbish collection, library services, street signage and pet control. Each of these levels work together to govern Australia. Each level has different responsibilities and play a vital role to keep Australia running.