Moody Music

May Paddor Period 3

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Music and Moods

Music isn't just for to listen to, but it actually helps you in many ways. Music effects your mood which can effect your perspective when doing an activity. Even if you have personal preferences towards different bands or styles, overall, the music will effect you the same. Music can also help with learning and attention problems. For instance, your ABC's help you memorize the order and all 26 letters of the alphabet without even meaning too. Moreover, it can also work as a bribe to do work. For instance, 30 minutes of schoolwork and 10 minutes of music. Furthermore, different musical styles effect your attention span. Did you know calming music can actually influence you to become calmer? In addition, music helps with stress and anxiety. Listening to music can help you work through your problems or give you time to think. Just listening to music alone can make your brain calmer. Music could also be used as a sort of a anti depressant. This is because listening to certain music can influence you to be happier and more positive about life. It's been proven to help patients that have become depressed due to truamatic experiences. In the end, music can help out with all sorts of things besides throwing parties and going to concerts.

How does music effect the 7 dimensions of wellness?

Music effects the seven dimensions of wellness in many ways. For instance, music effects your emotional health tremendously. This is because music has the power to effect whether or not your happy or sad. In a study with 144 people, almost everyone felt sad and mad when listening to grudge music. Also, in the same study, everyone was effective positively when listening to pop, rock, classical, and oldies music. This shows that music effects your mood. Music can effect your intellectual health because it can make you feel positive or negative. Music is usually given to patients who suffer from depression to inspire them to be positive. Music can effect social wellness because if you're happier, the more likely you'll talk to other people and be social. Music can effect environmental wellness because if your favorite song is on, the more happier and calmer you'll be in school, work or at the mall. Last but not least, music effects physical help. This is because music can make you feel happy and optimistic, making you feel active. Or it can make you sad and calm, making you not feel up for physical activity. All in all, music effects the 7 dimensions of emotional wellness because it effects your moods when doing things.