WSD Tech News: End-Of-Year Edition

June 5, 2015

End-of-Year Tech Details

Hi All,

As we wrap things up, there are a few details to attend to:

* I'm waiting to hear back from CVU about 8th graders and the contents of their Google Drives. We may be able to merge their Drive files over to their new accounts. I'll keep you posted.

* Please remember to take all of the little things- remote controls for projectors, cameras, document cameras, and the accompanying cables, etc.- and pack them up and put them away securely. There are many people in our buildings over the summer and we don't want any of that walking away. Be on the lookout for an email from Pauline next week with very important details about the end of the year.

* For those at WCS - an item on the end-of-year checklist will include completing a CSSU survey to provide feedback about SBAC. Your input is greatly appreciated.

*I'd like to share a special shout out to Linda Scott and Sagui Silber for providing on-going support to everyone in our buildings while I was immersed in SBAC. Thank you, thank you!

Thank you all for another amazing and impressive year. You are dedicated educators who provide wonderful real examples of how technology truly can support and enhance learning.

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Just because it deals with technology...

doesn’t mean we don’t use common sense.

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Your Friendly Tech Integration Team

Keep in touch over the summer. Send along an email or post in the WSD Google+ Community about your learning, your adventures, and your thoughts for next year.