"I Hear America Singing"

By Walt Whitman


  • Was the second son of Walter Whitman
  • Had nine different siblings
  • Taught himself to print at the age of nine
  • First job was being a printer in New York
  • The company burnt down making the owner of the company go bankrupt
  • He contributed to patients he nursed
  • He was sending money to his widowed mother
  • He also gave money to friends
  • One of his poems are "GoodBye, My Fancy"
  • Another is "Passage to India"And one final one is "Drum Taps"
  • Founded the newspaper called the Long IslanderFounded the book with 12 no name poems
  • Along with a very famous poet Emily Dickenson, he is considered to be on of Americas most important poets
  • His Death was on March 26th 1892
Alabama - Forty Hour Week (For A Livin')

How the song relates to the poem

The song relates to the poem by having like a mechanic singing and how everyone is happy to be an american