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If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf.


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Brand new handbook! (tardy note)

Here is the link to our handbook. This is still a work in progress...please look through it, ya know, in your free time, to see if there are questions you have before Wednesday when we will cover it a bit more in-depth.

One thing I wanted to be sure and bring to your attention...tardies will be counted as of 7:35 this year to keep us aligned with other campuses. That is in our building at 7:35, and we get them down to their seat as quickly as possible.

Morgan's Musings: F&P Materials

With the new adoption, each grade level is getting a new Guided Reading Library!!

These will be housed in the bookroom with a checkout system.

Everything else will be kept in classrooms (Shared Reading, Interactive Read-Alouds, & teacher Reading Mini-Lesson books).

We will be moving the Scholastic readers to the intervention room (Barth's room in the library) if you still want to use them. We will very likely be only keeping some, not all.

I am still waiting on a few things as far as Handwriting w/o Tears. I am passing things out as I get the chance. If you need just a few more of a certain book, we will have to make copies. But if it is a significant number, we will look into it! Just let me know as you get them from me and disperse amongst teachers. :)


Here is the link to our current "Committee" list.

We need:

*One person from each grade level for Crisis (Can be the same as last year or new! If you are CPR certified, that is ideal.)

*Whitt Wolves Eat is changing this year! We will only have it once each semester. Everyone will sign up to bring items (one giant potluck of yumminess!!). We need 4 people to just help organize it (only twice/year!).

Readworthy/tweet of the week!

A 4-Part System for Getting to Know Your Students

"You'll get to know your students faster and more thoroughly if you have a system in place, a way to make sure you give sufficient attention to every child and store the information you gather for easy access later.

Your next two weeks...

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Counselor's Corner

Reminder... If you need to create one or would like to update your ALL ABOUT ME posters, please complete the link by Sunday evening!! Our Wolves love to see our WHY and learn more about us!

I love a good theme meme!

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Thanks, Dr. Spicer!