May Snippets

Ms. Melissa Week of 5/16/16


What a windy Monday!! Today we celebrated Luke's 5th birthday! He decided since we have a beach/ocean theme that we would be crabs down the hallways. The main rug area in the workroom completely turned into the beach! We read On the Seashore today while sitting in the beach chairs and on the beach towels. We also read Our Senses at the Beach. We talked about the many things that our five senses can tell us about the beach! We danced to the Goldfish song and exercised the ABC's! We listened to ocean music and used watercolors at the same time! It was so nice to see how the music inspired the paintings! We also created underwater scenes.


What another fun day! Lily Rose had her special day today. Her Nana came with her today and we were so glad. Her Nana helped us learn some music today! Miss Lisa's class and Miss Heather's class joined us in the hall area of the church. We used bells and sticks. We sang head, shoulders, knees, and toes as well as Mary had a Little Lamb. What a fun experience! We also read Commotion in The Ocean and made underwater scenes. We listened to ocean music again and watercolored to the crashing waves!


Luke had a special day today. We became crabs and crawled up and down the hallway! We continued our ocean theme by moving and grooving to the Goldfish song and Do The Octopus! In the work room Zoey, Matthew and Luke made jiggling jellyfish! Gabriela and Diego shared their mystery bags today. We read Commotion in The Ocean and talked about the many sea creatures that we can find in the ocean. We used our sense of touch and observed items that belonged on land as well as items that belonged in the sea. We did an ABC activity at the end of the day, where we put all the letters in the correct order!


We all helped out today! We read Ten Friendly Fish. We used fish manipulatives to count how many fish were left. In the work room, Addison, Irene and Mona sold lemonade and tea at the pretend beach. Ronald, Charlotte, and Sara worked on making their jellyfish! We did sponge painting as well. Zoey shared her mystery bag today! We moved and grooved today to the Freeze dance, Bubblegum song and Who Let the Letters Out.


What a fun day! Matthew had his special day today. He had us become crabs down the hallway. Diego, Gabriela, and Luke worked on numbering fish in the correct order. Irene, Ella, and Matthew shared their mystery bags today. Zoey and Matthew did oil pastel rubbings of sea creatures. We read Way Down Deep in The Deep Blue Sea which showed us one way to use our imagination. We moved and grooved to the Goldfish song and sang Who Let The Letters out.

On Thursday, May 26, we will be meeting at Biomes on Post Road, across from the TJ Maxx Plaza in North Kingstown, R.I. There will be no bus provided, we will meet at Biomes promptly at 9:30, if you are not staying, pick up time will be 11:30, the cost is $7 per person and the trip is open to all morning BMTCP students no matter what day they attend. Please return permission forms ASAP. Thank You