Life on the goldfields


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Life on The GoldFields

Life on the goldfields was tough. The police treated the miners in a very rude way, sometimes there would be fights with the police and the miners.

Chinese and European mining techniques


They created a round shaft and used a heavy amount of water to soften the soil

they were also scared to use a square mineshaft because they believed evil spirits hide in corners


They created a square mineshaft, they didn't believe about the evil spirits that lurk in the corners of rooms, they hated the Chinese and they were jealous of how much they got paid from all of the gold they found

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Mining tools

There were various mining tools that miners used and these are some here above this text:







The Chinese on the goldfields

Chinese came to the goldfields to mine gold so they can make money, in china when people found gold they had to give it to the village leader but in australia you can keep it.

chinese needed money to buy food back at china, lots of chinese people were poor so heaps of chinese people came to australia.

women on the goldfields

women on the goldfields didn't mine for gold, they cooked for the miners, in the eureka stockade several women made eureka flag it looked like this

(look at image below)

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