Clinical Psychologist

Felicia Uriostegui

Career Description

Psychologists study emotional, and social processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate to one another and their environments, and under situations and overall help them.

Duties and Resposabilities

  • To keep the wellbeing of others healthy
  • To work independently with the clients to help him improve situations
  • To help clients understand why they feel certian things, or do things
  • critical thinking skills

Education Requirements

A masters or doctoral degree.

High school diploma.

Psy.D. degree in Psychology, or doctor degree

Job Outlook

12% (As fast as average)

it’s steadily growing, and will be around for a long time, because people will always need help. Someone will always need coping skills, and find consotence in someone who has a degree and specializes in helping them.

Salary and Work Environment


$69,280 per year

$33.31 per hour

Work Enviornment-

work independently, conducting research or working with patients. Others work as part of a healthcare team, collaborating with physicians and social workers or in school settings, working with students, teachers, parents, and other educators. Those in private practice often work evenings and weekends to accommodate clients

Related Cources and Experience

  • physical therapist
  • social worker
  • sociology major
  • Academic Counselor
  • Advanced Psychiatric Nurse
  • Advertising Agent

Prefered Job skills

  • patience
  • understanding
  • communication skills
  • sympathy
  • caring

Career Connections

"I got my Ph.D. at 29, which is considered fairly young. But during that schooling most of my friends were establishing careers and starting families. Of course it’s possible to get married and have kids while in school. However, because you need to complete not only your course work but also work in clinics and hospitals, assist your professors with their research "

by: Rob Dobrenski

He talked about how it does take a lot of work, and commitment like any other profession, and you may want to dedicate your time to have a family and get married, so it's challenging.

Related Cources at Leyden

  • psycology
  • sociology honors

Extra- cirricular activities

  • peer leaders
  • peer mediation
  • art club

Volenteer Exprience

working/ volenteering at clinics

working at daycares- understanding children, what they think, why. Gives you patience.

Helping people with problem solving, offering advice.

Daily Tasks and Responsabilities

To keep the wellbeing of others healthy

to work independently with the clients to help him improve or solve situations

deal with ceritan things

Careers in Psychology : What Is It Like to Be a Psychologist?