Farming in the 1700

Jordan Belden


In this essay you are going to learn about how farmers work back in the 1700 and hoe they work on the fields and they kept towns Provided with food to.

Farming back then

Farming back then was a challenge. because we had no Tractors in the 1700s. so we could not plow the fields AS fast as we could. back then it took a wile to cut grass as had to provide towns with food. here some materials that farmers make for us, Soap,Coffee,Rice,Tobacco too yuck.


Back then we did not have Tractors are Combines. we only had are Hand and Machetes.

Crack,Crack that is the sound of slaves Cutting down Sugarcane for the Farmer. Slaves had to pick Cotton,Cut down Sugarcane,Corn and Rice. slaves wore like kid nap kids getting stole from there family. and maybe never see there family again.

Hard work

Farmers had lots to do they had to grow crops for Villages And Towns. They grew Cash crop

and then they sold it towns.they took so much time just to make Butter,Soap and Milk cows to keep every one livening.they made Sweaters out of Wool. the died with Colored Indigo and made Colored Sweaters.


farmers did not have a easy job. because they have to provide food to every one in the towns.


crops,a big fields of seeds

hardy, to live in a rough way

provide,to keep something good in a way.


books: our country
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