Common Types of Addictions

3 Most Common Types of Addictions and the Need for Professional Treatment

An addiction is a condition in which an individual becomes addicted to a particular thing. It could be a substance (drug, alcohol etc.) or an activity (gambling, internet surfing etc.). A person is said to be addicted to a substance or activity when he is unable to stop that activity even when he wants to. An addicted person feels a constant urge to consume the substance or perform an activity even when that substance and activity has a negative impact on his health.

Here are three of the most common types of addictions:

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is the most common types of addictions in the world. Around 17.6 million people suffer from alcohol abuse in the US. Addiction is mainly caused by prolonged and excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol addiction is associated with several crimes involving violence, child abuse etc. Moreover, it can cause serious health problems too, like liver cancer.

  1. Drugs

Drug addiction is an addiction to legal or illegal drugs or medications. Drug addiction can have a very negative impact on the physical and mental health of an individual. It can also ruin the professional and personal life of an individual. Marijuana, opioids, depressants and cough syrups are some of the most commonly used drugs that can cause addiction.

  1. Eating Disorders/ Addictions

Binge eating disorder affects a large number of people in the US and other countries. In this disorder, people have a tendency to eat large quantities of food. Eating disorders are often linked to increased levels of depression and anxiety. These disorders can cause serious health complications.

Apart from the above-mentioned addictions, some of the other common types of addictions include internet addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, etc. Each of these addictions has the potential to ruin the personal and professional life of a person. Therefore, it is important to treat the addiction as early as possible.

When it comes to addiction treatment, the important role played by a professional therapist cannot be overlooked. Whether we talk of drug addiction or behavioral addiction, a therapist can provide the right guidance and assistance required to overcome an addiction successfully.

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