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6th Grade Students Teach Others!

I am very proud of one of my 6th graders who volunteered to teach our class how to solve a mathematical problem using Order of Operations. Way to go Jessica!!

Blogging with Australians

This year my 5th and 6th graders will have the opportunity to experience a different culture. We are lucky to be in partner with Mrs. Bronwyn, an elementary teacher in Australia. We will be blogging with her students, sharing pictures, videos, and exchanging creative ideas. We will be learning about their culture, school systems, curriculum, and the personalities of her students.

Be sure to check out their website:

What are we Learning?

5th Grade Math: Prime and Composite Numbers --> Review of Factors

5th Grade ELA: Figurative Language and Poetry

6th Grade Math: Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

6th Grade ELA: Figurative Language and Poetry

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My name is Valerie Stratmann and I am a born and raised Texas girl. I love camping, photography, and BBQ. I currently live in Weatherford with my 3 dogs: Atticus, Monk and Sophie. This is my 5th year at Austin Elementary and my 7th year in education. I started out as a paraprofessional and soon moved into a teaching position. I have a passion for children and a love for learning.

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"When one starts learning he opens doors to a world full of hope and promise." -M.K. Soni