The After Party

The effects of MDMA

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“Nothing bad will happen”. “Have a good time”. “It will just make you fit in”. “Nothing bad happened to me”. “Don’t worry about it”... Worry about it. MDMA better known as ecstasy or molly is a widely known party drug often used to make people feel energetic, confident with a high sense of positive feelings such as love, happiness and gratitude. Though MDMA allows its user to feel an intense rush of positive effects for an hour, it’s unwanted after effects are harmful to the user’s health, can affect their future job opportunities, and possibly kill them.

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Short term effects of MDMA

Increased heart rate – heart palpitations

Faster breathing

Higher blood pressure


Reduced appetite


Dry mouth


Dilated pupils

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Long term effects of MDMA

Anxiety – depression

Irregular heart beat


MDMA affecting your life

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Stop it before it happens

“I’m sorry we cannot accept you for this position”. “Why not”. “Well you see you have a long record of drug use”. “Please I really need this job”. “I’m sorry”. MDMA can ruin many of your job opportunities, your image as a person, your health, and your relationship with friends and peers. That is why you must learn not to be pressured into drug use, not to take drugs to be cool or to feel better about yourself, instead surround yourself with people who you know will help steer you away from drugs, if you have a problem talk to a trusted adult i.e. teacher, parent, guidance counsellor etc. There’s always a better way.