Protecting the queen for over 2000 years. By Miles Lyon

Me and my army

I am the captian of the secret police. I only allow the best of the best in my army. Sure I got killed by a Son of Adam but i'm still better than that stupid troll. They think there so amazing but they don't do anything except serve stale bread and turkish delight to humans. Well, long live the Queen and my army!

What i want from father christmas.

When I hear Aslan's name

When I His uggg nnnnnnnaaaaammmmeeee I'mmmm nnnnnot scared at all yea He is not scary at all we can kill him in a instant. yyyyyeeeeeaaaaa ugggggg

My Recomended Website

This is where is grew up and was raised. Please donate to the park. :)

My Favroite Quote

My favroite quote of the story is when I wrote "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!". Even though it did not happen the queen will still rise and live again!

Here me and my friends howl to call each other.