Quality Teaching and Assessment

CDC/Quality newsletter


Welcome to Leicester College's first monthly teaching and assessment community bulletin.

What's new with Quality?

This month the Quality dept are looking to drive Equality and Diversity with a new initaitive called 'The Pledge'. Along side this the Quality team have been involved in driving forward the CAPRI reveiw initaive, staff support,

App of the month.


Pinterest allows you to create a mood board focusing on images and showcasing talent. This can be ideal for learners in vocational subjects that require a practical element allowing learners to share their hard work and endeavors.
Smore Tutorial

Teaching and Assessment Toolkit

A place for practitioners, trainers and coaches to collect useful resources and share good practice across ten themes to create an outstanding session.

Work your way through the various sections by self assessing performance against the ten themes and develop your practice. If you have a resource that you would like to share to assist the development of your peers, please let your CDC know. Follow the link in blue.

Current affairs

Below are a section of current issues surrounding the sector. Some of these are worthy of further debate. However for your own reading, please follow the links in blue.

The FELTAG Report.

If you haven't already done so, the FELTAG report provides key reading for the future direction FE may take. This report contains recommendations on the moving FE forward into the digital age by linking with industry.


Education and Training Foundation

A comprehensive review in getting math and English to work for all.